Monday, April 6, 2015

Pullip doll: Nerissa, the mermaid

Hello and welcome back to a new Pullip doll post. This week I am going to talk about the creation of the mermaid Nerissa. For those of you who are also following my writing adventure, Nerissa is a character of Blue Angel and of the comics I made for 24 hour comics

I really wanted to give her a normal face up with light make up but when I looked at all the nice picture of mermaid face online with all the colorful scales, I gave up and decided to embrace her fish part. 
I started with drawing the normal eye in pink and black, then added the scales in blue and then mixed the color to have some pink, blue and green scale. Then I had to redraw some on the scales to make sure that the they weren't all evenly color at the edge, something like moving shadows as they are in different part of the face to give more expression to the face.
 I asked myself if I wanted to have a symmetric face up but I decided otherwise. I have to say it would have been pretty hard to draw symmetrical scales all over her face. I still kept the pink green and blue shade though. And added some scale on her cheek independently from the eye. I also gave her green lips as I decided to give her a green tail.
I have to say that with the wig falling on her forehead,we can't see as much of the face up as appear on the previous picture. I also decided for blue and green eyes. That way I can link the blue hair and the green tail a bit more.
 And here is the tail in preparation. I didn't finish it in one night because I was pretty tired that day. (ok, I'm tired all the time lately but that day it was bad enough for me to let her tail and outfit half done.
Still, you have to admit that she already looks like a mermaid. And she can't stand of course as she doesn't have legs, she is half fish obviously.
And this top took me forever crocheting with the smallest hook I had, you know the one I made the super mini animals with. (The giraffe and the zebra). This top is made in four parts which were then sewed to each other and they I added the parts on the side to be able to knot it at the back and the beats and the purple line and the bottom. I told you it took me forever.
Here you can see that I added a line of flat shiny green things on the tail as well. I don't know the name of those so we'll have to call thing flat shiny (add color) things until someone gives me a proper name for them. The basic idea at first was to have those all over her tail but as I managed to find this awesome fabric with the wavy design all over I didn't want to ruin it by using the flat shiny green things to mimic the scales. Still I think they are pretty cool, especially to glitter on the pictures.
 Here is a close up on the top. Pretty cool, right?
 And here is Nerissa all alone waiting for friends.
I made her some space and put out all my sea plushes. Now she even has a turtle and a pentapus to play with. And before you ask, a pentapus is like an octopus but with five legs and because I'm nice like that there is even a tutorial and patterns to make one by yourself.

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