Sunday, March 29, 2015

WeWriWar 96 Demon and Fairy

Welcome to a new excerpt of Demon and Fairy for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

In the previous episodes: Seti let the chaos got out of him as the father of his sister's fiance threaten to break the engagement. Wild, he flies to the beach to see the only person near whom he can get rid of the Chaos without pain, the fairy Kallisto in the Human world below his. He can only observe her through a tidal pool. But this time, she is in danger. Trying to rescue her from a snake, Seti lands in the world below. However, as Kallisto tries to touch him, he flies away back to his hidden place on the beach and listen to Kallisto's conversation with her best friend Kelpie who once again proposes to “It is the first time the Chaos manifested,” Seti’s father answered clenching his fists. “Then it is bad luck, he shouldn’t have been born in the first place, and he shouldn’t have stayed alive once born. Now, you can start blaming yourself for everything that is going to happen if he lets you live long enough to see it. We can’t be sure.” The man said without even looking back. He followed his companion through the corridor to the kitchen door. her and is refused. Kallisto needs to choose between Kelpie or going back to the fairy world to marry prince Kordelius. As the night comes, Kallisto goes home and so does Seti and of course his parents are all weird... (Remember, Seti used his forbidden power and left without an explanation... ) Then Seti was mysteriously pushed in his room, in the dark and apparently turned blind. For the past few weeks, Seti is trying to control the Chaos who wants to take over his body. We had some flash back to explain the relationship between Seti and the Chaos. Seti managed to open a hole in the wall while keeping the Chaos away, once he managed to escape, fighting the Chaos wanting to kill everyone, he flew once again to the beach.

Here are my 8 sentences, we start where we left off last week. Seti had stopped to wait and see what the others would do.

Feeling the sand with his bare feet made him realize that he didn’t put his shoes on. He walked to the tidal pool forgetting the complaints of the Chaos and fell, on the edge, out of exhaustion. She was there. She was playing the flute for the fairies under the tree, rocking on the swing as usual. As he looked at her Seti felt the Chaos sliding away for him, hiding deep inside him. The headache was disappearing with each note of the flute. He bent a bit more over the water, he wanted to be near her, he was so tired that he felt as if he was going to die. Without noticing he collapsed and entered the water.

Answers to last week's comments

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  1. All right! Maybe this is a good thing.

  2. So glad he's not listening to the chaos and letting the music soothe his soul.

    Love your Steampunk dolls!!

  3. Awesome snippet! I can feel his tiredness and his relief as the Chaos fades.

  4. Oh no, what's going to happen to Seti now? He seems to have been mesmerized by the music, I hope he wakes in time.

  5. Let's hope he's ok. He fought so hard, got there, he deserves some peace inside.

  6. This is very good. The sensory details are right on.

  7. Music is a powerful thing. I hope he'll be okay.