Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 12

Today, we are having a little demon/human history from Odeon. How cool is that? Of course, don't take anything in this story literally, seeing that I'm always a lot of things up as I go. I'm also a big fan of alternative bible stories. I think it's pretty cool to rewrite the genesis and such. I hope you'll have fun with the story, let's go back to Demon World unedited.

“How do you know that?” Loki asked. 
He was always amazed by Odeon’s knowledge, Odeon knew everything.
“About some sixty years ago, there was a terrible war in the Human World, the Human World back then resembled a bit the Demon World now. People were not safe, they were running everywhere in the night, hiding things from each others, hiding from their neighbor, hiding from their government, hiding from the police. One of them had stood up and decided to classified people, to tell everyone where the threat was coming from, he wanted people to hate each other and their fear was serving his own purpose and he became powerful, very powerful in the Human World a lot of people were following him, either because they were too afraid to resist or because they were agreeing with him. That’s what had lead people to have secrets, people wanted to escape from him but his territory was always increasing, so one of us had an idea. He decided to help him, he created a wonderful plan to be able to kill as many humans as possible, he opened a route from one of the Human World’s forest to this forest and kept it invisible from that man and his followers. Then a lot of desperate humans arrived in this inhabited part of the Demon World and created their home in caves like this, this is not the only one around, just they are pretty difficult to find.”
“Then what happened to the humans, why are they not here anymore?” Lonan asked.
“Because humans are really, really fun to play with but are really, really easy to break,” Torsti answered.
“Really?” Lonan asked.
“Yeah, humans have absolutely no powers, and they die easily,” Torsti said.
“I don’t see why they are funny to play with then, I like when it takes time,” Lonan answered.
“Because they yell a lot, and try to resonate with you instead of fighting back,” Torsti answered.
“Odeon, can you get me a human to play with then?” Lonan asked.
“Maybe, but first we will have to take care of the guys on the other rooms, they look like carpets, and are not even ashamed of it,” Torsti said.
“I told you I wanted to redecorate but you didn’t let me,” Lonan said, putting.
“Some of them, might not be that worth less,” Odeon said.
“But at least, that Davon guy, he is sweating fear so much that I can still smell him, we need to get rid of him,” Torsti said.
“Yeah! He made me lose my bet,” Lonan said still putting.
“But first I want to know what is actually happening here, pretending that we could get more powers to attract us was pretty fishy until I saw the others, but that was also underestimating us. I wonder what the Hunters are all about,” Odeon answered.
Torsti pull hammocks out of his bag, threw them to his brothers.
“You heard the man, we better take some good rest, tomorrow the serious things are starting,” he said laughing and hanging his hammock between two bunk beds.
“And don’t be late for breakfast,” Lonan added laughing too.

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