Friday, March 20, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 9

Good Evening darkness walkers! 
Ok that greeting sucks seeing that I post everything at 9am on Friday my time but I'm sure most of the English readers are still in the dark. If not just close the curtains and pretend!
Have you been bitten yet? You thought I was going to stop asking didn't you. 

Well seeing that last week my post was really late... definitely not 9am for sure, I decided to prepare this one in advance. How adventurous of me. As a result, all I can say is that I spend my weekend sleeping. Like I seem to always do lately. The change of season always get to me in a mix of depression and anxiety which I know doesn't make any sense as they are total opposite, at least time wise. But where the hell am I going with that if not just giving you a story of my life, well don't you think Viorel owed to be depressed. I mean he is already amnesic and people (vampires) tortured him and tried to kill him, sun burns are so super dangerous, once I almost lost my nose and.... digression, digression... Anyway, let's go back to our story.

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When the night came I was prepared, I had eaten a bit more fruits. One of them made me cry, I wasn’t too sure why. The taste of those fruits seemed worse and worse, but they were the only thing I had. I was trying to hold my breath to make as few noises as possible. Breathing is so noisy, I could hear my own heart beating against my chest, it seemed to me that it was even nosier. I huddled up and waited, reminding myself that vampires’ hearts don’t beat to give me strengths. 

After a long long time, I finally heard their voices just out of the cave. My legs were painful for not moving. One thing that I remember was that I could stay immobile forever, but my legs started to tickle me at the worse time possible and just moving them a little was making the tickling even worse. I realized that it was due to the blood running in my veins. I took my pulse, I knew that was stupid as my heart was beating so hard but it made me realize that the blood was moving in my entire body. The tickling in my legs was almost unbearable but they were there, outside, and my curiosity was stronger. I wanted to get information out of them, about the plan of their search so that I could go in the opposite direction. Cautiously, I moved closer to the entrance, my legs were starting to wake up a bit. I was wondering how humans were able to bear that all the time and the thought pushed again my fear of being one of them closer.
“It’s your son, if you are trying to help him escape, you’ll be judged as well,” the terrible voice of the vampire proclaiming my sentence of death earlier said.
He was there and I could feel the anger rising in me again. He was trying to frighten my father and this time I knew for sure that he was my father. Something in his voice reminded me of stories I had heard a long time ago even though I was unable to explain it.
“I’m not trying to help him,” my father said trying to be as convincing as possible.
“We were merciful with you once, we allowed you to bring worthless blood to the covenant and now see the result. Your son is an abomination and a traitor, find him, kill him and you can keep your despicable life as you always did. You hear me?” my enemy said.
“Yes,” my father answered with a voice he wanted loud and clear but I could still hear it tremble.
I was trembling too, I was scared to the bones and helpless. I had a family but I couldn’t do anything to see them.
I heard them leave. Long after, I started to freely breathe again and I realized the value of the information I had from what I had heard and the most important was that I was not one of them, I was different. Worthless blood could only mean human blood, so my mother had to be human, that would explain a lot of things. As my father was a vampire and probably raised me I had all those vampires thought coming, but I had to be human somehow. The thought rejoiced me. They hated me for being different and I hated them for all what was happening to me, I could hide being one of them to myself I could hide thinking about my mother that was making me someone who didn’t kill everyone in the village. I was sure I couldn’t have, humans don’t kill humans. Thinking about my mother who I couldn’t remember and knowing that they wouldn’t be back, I felt into a dreamless sleep.

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