Friday, March 13, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 8

Hello and welcome to a new Vampire Heart excerpt. Sorry for the late post today, I ran into some technical difficulties. I'll try to have some posts schedule over the weekend so that it doesn't happen again but I can't promise anything. 
Lately I was thinking about the vampire covens and how different it seems to me that my vampire is a solitary vampire. I didn't think about it much before but I was wondering if there isn't so "pack" things going on with the vampire as well to make them stick together. I think I'll need to investigate this part a bit further for the editing of the novel. 

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I found the cave back easily. I wasn’t too sure but the forest seemed to be more familiar this time. Maybe I had spent some time there before. I started to quiz myself about significant things. Where was the closest oak tree, where was the tallest one? I didn’t know if that was luck, common sense or memory but I always find them where they were supposed to be and that made me feel good.
The answer of the cave was cold, that made me realize for the second time that my body was warm. The coldness was not the most agreeable thing to feel and being warm was worrying me a little. I wondered if that was the action of the sun and that it was going to devour me slowly. I wasn’t too sure but I decided to stay in the shadow as much as possible from now on. The sun was beautiful but I had learned to fear it and there was probably a very good reason for it. But that wasn’t the main problem. I knew that they were coming for me and if they were responsible for what happened to the villager, they were stronger, faster and there was also a lot of them, probably more than I had seen so far. I really needed a plan. I prepared the hiding in the cave as well as I could, I erased the trace I had made coming to the cave and didn’t even bother to make new one in a wrong direction. If they were as fast as I believed them to be they would probably cover the distance faster than I would have, realized that it was a decoy and come back straight to me. I looked for stones, leafs and branches to block the entrance of the cave. It seemed to me that I already did this before, as a game, long time ago but I pushed the feeling away to concentrate on the plan. I would have enough time to think during the night while worrying about them. I covered myself with dust and rubs myself with moss. I didn’t want to be one of them but I still have to take the possibility into account. If I had smelled my food that’s because I was supposed to smell something and if I could they could so I had to hide my smell and the so strong smell of blood I had been carrying with me. I huddled up in the deeper corner of the cave and tried to sleep. I had only few hours before sunset and I wanted to be alert when they would come for me. I was almost sure that I wouldn’t be able to escape a second time if they catch me back and brought me back to their domain but if they ever discovered me I still had to try. I also couldn’t risk making noises while sleeping knowing that they would be around.
Sleep wasn’t really hard to find but I woke up yelling. I sat quickly and hurt my head against the ceiling of the cave. It was not sunset yet, the last ray of sun was filtering through the entrance of the cave that I had closed so carefully. I massaged my forehead still grateful that this didn’t happen few hours later, that would probably have been the end of me. My heart was beating fast in my chest as I tried to remember the dream but that was hopeless. I panicked too fast for anything useful or anything at all to have stayed in my mind. I looked at the notebook which was waiting to be filled telling myself that there would be other dreams. The approached the entrance of the cave. I knew I should have waited in the deepest part for the night to pass but I couldn’t resist my curiosity. If they couldn’t see me, I wanted to see them I wanted to see them fail finding me. Sitting there in silence I started to draw my travel plan. I wasn’t sure I ever traveled, I didn’t know what travel was like but as I couldn’t stay here I needed a place to go. I needed a goal and the first thing I could think about was to find out what I was. I didn’t think who I was, I thought what I was because the answer that was obvious in front of me was not a pleasing one. Those guys were surely not human. They were afraid of the sun, they were cold, they had eye red like blood, they had to be vampires. This was the only possible explanation. I didn’t want to be one of them, because of the village and because of my wounded body. I wondered how I was still alive looking at myself before going back to my travel plan. I wanted to know who I was but I couldn’t find it here so the only other possibility was to go to the center of knowledge at that time, Paris. That was a very long trip from Hungary. I grabbed the notebook highly excited and wrote “Transilvania, Kingdom of Hungary”, I knew where I was for sure, I knew where I was and that was the first thing I ever knew for sure. I tried to remember when I was, I was thinking deeply but couldn’t make a date on today. I tried to progress by elimination, it was cold but not really cold. I wasn’t really sure how to measure the coldness but the trees were leafy, was very green leafs, if was summer. I wrote down “summer” and the excitation disappeared a bit. I had a place but nothing else, I added “Viorel” and “Dylan” I thought maybe looking at them both together was going to help me choose but that was the contrary. The more I was trying to remember the more things seemed to escape my mind.

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