Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: What if

Welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. The movie for this week is a romantic comedy with Daniel Radcliffe. At first I wanted to watch a scary movie, then I saw Daniel Radcliffe was in one and then I chicken out seeing I was alone at home and picked his romantic comedy instead. I don't regret, I'll definitely get the scary one some day, just not for this post.

The story: Wallace is the typical loser, he has a poor job, dropped out of MED school and lives with his sister. One day at his friend's party he meets Chantry who is everything he ever wanted in a girl, except that she has a boyfriend, a super cool, awesome, talented, smart, with a nice job boyfriend whom everyone believes to be so much better than Wallace. Let's face it, Chantry and Ben have been together for 5 years and lives together and Wallace agreed to be just friends. Here starts the game of him hiding his feelings for her. 

My feelings: I was expecting his movie to be somehow different, but despite all the jokes and the fun, it was also very deep. How many people end up with the wrong person just because it's so much easier to stick to your daily routine than to stand up to the challenge and grab that promotion at work even though it makes you move to Taiwan! Even though the main character is Wallace, I think what was going on in Chantry's life basically happens to most people and the fact that Ben was a rather uncaring bastard made it easier for her to finally do something for herself. Seriously, the way Ben reacted the first time we meet him, it was totally delirious. The other lesson from this movie is that your life is never going to be perfect and to stay the way it is because the world around you is evolving, people are moving all the time and if you decide to stop that's when things fall apart. Don't stay stuck, there are a lot of things that only you can achieve, happiness is in the motion, not the stillness.


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