Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Liebster Award

Angelica Dawson, erotic and fantasy writer, and participant in the Thursday taster group recently nominated me for the Liebster Award. I think I heard about this award before but I never really took interest in it, I mean who could nominate me when my blog is such a mess of diversity.
So here is the part where I explain what it is all about. I need to answer her 11 questions, nominate another 11 bloggers (with followings under 200) and give them 11 questions of my choice. The recipients should like back to me and notify their nominees via social media that they have been nominated. That's about it! It's all about discovering new blogs! (But that was already said in the picture.

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. What one thing can you not live without?
Recently, my plushy buffalo. You have probably seen her around in the 365 photos challenge

2. The library is on fire! Which book do you grab?
The Dune trilogy. I was gonna say Pride and Prejudice or the little prince but they were already taken.
3. The house is on fire! What one thing do you grab?
^^ See answer to question one: the buffalo plushy and my 30 years old teddy bear.
4. Your car is on f... no I'm kidding, enough of those. When did you decide to start writing?
When I could hold a pen, yes that's so cliche, but I was bullied for writing during the breaks in primary school so...
5. You made the NYT Best sellers list are raking it in. Who do you thank?
My PhD supervisor for telling me that at some point enough is enough and you should stop editing and Mariko for teaching me that I should know by myself if it's good enough without relying on anyone else.
6. Authorgraph: yes or no?
Not 100% sure of the meaning but I'll go with Yes.
7. Paper or electronic?
I think better on paper.
8. The power's out and you only have enough battery on your phone to play one album. What is it?
Gatacca OST... You're fault you caught me in Gatacca obsession mode.  

9. What is the one article of clothing that you love most? Where do you wear it?
My blue and black zipper hoody and everywhere, I'm not complicated about clothes. Even though at the moment I like my new pajama.

10. Kink or vanilla?
11. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate but the danette are definitely vanilla.

Here are my questions for the nominees:

1) Once upon a time: What is your favorite childhood fairy tale?
2) Flying or breath under water?
3) Make one of your character really sick: which one, what sickness and why?
4) What's your favorite movie?
5) What do you like to do when you are not being a writer?
6) If you could live on a different planet in the solar system, which one and why?
7) You're walking under the rain, who comes take shelter under your umbrella?
8) Sushi or spaghetti?
9) Create an alternative universe, where do you live?
10) Pick and dinosaurs and why?
11) Do you think you can manage a crazier list of questions? (Yes, that's a challenge) 

And the nominees, of course:

1) Iris Blobel
2) Siren X Star
3) Jeff Tsuruoka
4) P. T. Wyant
5) Cindy Amrhein-Author
6) Millie Burns
7) Gem Sivad
8) Veronica Scott
9) Stephanie Burkhart
10) J. M. Stewart
11) Karen Michelle Nutt

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