Monday, March 16, 2015

Pullip doll: Taeyang Timulus

This little guy arrived two weeks ago but as I was busy telling you about my Elf, I didn't have time to introduce him to you until now except for the 365 photo challenge portrait. He is kind of a rare doll from 2006. I'm thinking of making a cyberpunk pullip MIO soon so I think they will look nice together. 

Funny how it all start with a box. Can you see in the background how my living space is being invaded with boxes? I should be moving in a few months so I think that's fine. I already recycled some of those box to pack stuff, hopefully the move will be easier out of it. Also you can see the advancement on the catbus. But let's not been carried away and let's go back to Taeyang Timulus.
Here he is, in his box. I like the pattern on this one it's very stellar. I'm keeping all the doll's boxes too at the moment for the move. I guess I'll keep them until I have a forever home.
 Box opening. It was strange that he was half sitting in the box. The dolls are mostly standing, I'm not sure why they made his box so small. You can see his cap and goggles. I'm a big fan of goggles. He also has a particular outfit with a lot of details like a skull and chains and all the little glitter silver dots which shine on different colors with the light.
It's a crazy hair day, can you tell? I love this kind of wig on boy dolls, that allow a lot of flexibility in the was to arrange the hair. What's a little bit strange so is that some parts of his hair are strait and some other parts are a bit wavy.
Then I could arrange the hair to be flat under the cap and the goggles.
I like that he has golden eyes, they are a bit shiny too.
Then we went to crazy hair day again, everything up!
Best portrait of Timulus so far. He looks ready to go for some special space adventure.
And the two dolls of that week: Timulus and the Elf princess Amarelis.

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