Monday, March 30, 2015

Pullip doll: Eos

I finally found her! Ok ok, this sentence doesn't really make sense seeing that Pullip Eos arrived on March 7th. But as I'm only writing one doll post a week, everything here gets delayed and as a result I can get excited twice! Isn't that positively awesome. 
Anyway, let me do the introduction. I want eight out of the ten available steampunk dolls by Groove. Why only eight and not all the ten of them? Well, I don't like the Byul so that reduces the number. So far I had four out of the eight but I finally managed to fins Eos. Eos is pretty rare as she is a limited edition of only 2000 dolls, so she gets really expensive at time and I needed to find a cheap deal for her. That being said she is still my most expensive doll. 
Anyway, let me do the introduction.

She is still in her box and well covered with bubble paper to make sure that nothing happens to her. I think that's an hide and seek game.
 The shy girl is uncovered, still hiding behind the transparent plastic. We can't really see much with all the reflection but she is still looking straight at us like saying: "Are you going to get me out or what?"
 A little closer but I think she is getting impatient for freedom, after all that's a doll from June 2010 and she had been prisoner since then.
 The box is open and that's the moment when the hard part begins. There are a lot of plastic and wire still attaching her to the box.
 FREE!! The face of happiness. She has nice long white hair, dark eyes and a pretty light and natural pink face up. No wonder they call her mechanical angel.
 And as every angel, she also has her mechanical wings. I like her hat and the transparent globe is not part of it, it's an eye band.
 Standing up on the box as a sign of victory, hehe not going back there any time soon.
 Another close up so that you can see the details on her hat and eyelashes, pretty amazing, isn't she?
 And she also comes with some steampunks weapons and sticks.
 Temporary place on the desk with other dolls I was working with the time for me to prepare her real place with the other steampunk dolls.
This is my top shelf we can see that Eos is already making friend with Aurora. The shelf changes again a bit since.
 Here is the most recent pics.

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