Thursday, January 22, 2015

365 day of photography conclusion

That's it, my 365 photo challenge is officially over since last night. It is really one big accomplishment, I managed to take one picture a day for 365 days without fail, even if I failed to upload on time. 

Here is what I learned during the challenge in no particular order:
1) There are day when I was inspired and days when I wasn't. It's not on the day I was the most inspired that I necessarily took the best pictures.
2) I started really strong on the setting taking a lot of time for it and after a while I run out of energy. It's better to take it slow and to get some daily food or pictures of other projects than to actually dread going home and having to prepare something.
3) It's easier when you have your camera on you at all time, I have to admit that some pics were taken with my phone though when I ran out of battery or didn't have a decent enough camera shot. I tried to put the best picture of the day each time. 
4) I wished I could have uploaded pictures every day instead of having sometimes to catch up with 3 or 5 pics at the same time. The thing is taking time to upload on the top of picture time was a bit hard as a daily task while putting 5 was a lighter task. Still, I owe to do better. 
5) I'm happier with the pictures when I purposely go out to get them and plan a photo session. Probably also because I don't have to worry about my picture of the day and I know there would at least be one picture with some quality. (I'm very good at worrying)
6) There are very often "lucky" pictures, either an unexpected topic or an shot a lot better than expected.
7) I also learned a lot of technical stuff, but I stopped reading, photography blogs after a few months and that was a bad idea, I should read more.
8) Taking daily pictures helped me to observe and made me also a better writer with a better attention to detail.
9) Some theme kept coming back, like natures or food or dolls, I tried to avoid it but in the end lost the fight. It's hard to come up with something new every day.
10) The most important is to have fun.

Now if you want to see all the pictures taking through the challenge, you can go to the facebook photo album or on my flickr.

And here are some of my favorite photos.

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