Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday taster 23: Parallel slip and Special Christmas Giveaway!

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I wasn't the crying type, I had never been but I always considered university as my way out, the way out my dad had prepared for me.
"What is happening princess?"
"I blacked out in front of her, she wants to forbid me to go to university, she won't stop yelling," I answered. 
I was waiting for my phone to vibrate, every second taking like ages.
"I'm at the zoo with your brother, I'll be there in 30 minutes. Prepare your bag."
"Are you sure you won't regret it?"
I looked at the phone. I looked at myself, crying, almost shaking. I remembered the words of the doctor about me being stressed and she was still banging at the door and yelling at me to let her in. I had prepared for that for weeks, since I had sent my application form to university without asking her permission.
"I'm sure dad."
"I'll be right there."
My dad never let me wait. My dad is like a hero. She was the one who pushed him away, going crazy about me. My dad wouldn't get me to the hospital for every fall, he knew that I would wake up and that they wouldn't do anything to me. He was the one who encouraged me to write down what happened to me when I travelled.
When he left, she had a fight for two years to make sure that I would never see him again. She wanted me to be safe and he couldn't keep me safe because he didn't rush me to the brain scan. It was her way, if I was in the hospital, somehow, nobody would blame her. 
When he was finally out of her life, she let the doctor give me some pills. During the first week, she was really happy. The pills made me drowsy, she was the only one happy. I had not a single travel. She thought that she had managed to get rid of it, of my strangeness. But somehow, my body got used to it, and on the second week, it happened all at once. I was blacking out more than ever, I saw the worlds in front of my eyes even before reaching them. 
It was intense, it was wonderful. 
I couldn't even stay awake enough to swallow the pills. I spend the next two weeks at the hospital, that's when my father visited and gave me this phone. I kept it hidden from her at all time, for ten years. It was insane, but I knew better than telling her, it was my only contact with my dad. He and I talked, a lot, so I didn't believe her lies about him and how he abandoned me, because he was right here. She always said that he paid her to keep me and that it was his way to be a parent. 

Come back next week to get the rest of the explanation... 
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  1. Glad she has a knight in shining armour.

  2. This keeps getting more and more interesting....and heart-breaking for this poor girl. She is a traveling island alone. Perhaps, because she feels so alone and stifled, she has become an island. And she travels to fine somewhere she can belong--in someone's heart. Very interesting. I love it. xo

  3. This is a story that's getting me hooked. I can relate to a situation like that, as an uncle of my twin nieces and nephews. Great job.

  4. Sounds like she would like to get back in touch with her father. Great taster

  5. I'm enjoying travelling deeper into this story each week, extremely interesting, well done!