Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday cinema: Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to a new Thursday Cinema.
I know it has been a month since the las Thursday cinema, it was a bit hard to watch movies and get my NaNo writing done. I'm supposed to finish Fairy World's draft this month, but I haven't started back on it yet so at least I owe you a movie review. This time I will talk about Alice in Wonderland (the 2010 version)

Story: Since she is a little girl, Alice has been having the same dream over and over again. On the day of her surprised engagement party, after being proposed to against her will as her family is preparing her entire life for her, she follows a white rabbit in the rabbit hole. The people in Wonderland have been waiting for her to return all along but wait a minute... Is she the right Alice?

My feeling: That movie was awesome, and yes, this time I read the book before watching it, I even read it three times in two different languages. The movie is not about the book, of course you will find the same characters, but it is a sequel to the story and that was very interesting. It was funny and the creatures and landscape in wonderland were very beautiful. I also enjoyed the parallel between the people in the "real life" of Alice and what seem to be their counterparts in Wonderland. I also enjoy the fact that Alice learn and grow through the movie and manage to learn how to deal with her own life. Another good thing is that a sequel is planned for 2016.

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