Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pullip making: the birth of a strawberry part 2

Here is the second part of Fresa's making story. Today I'm going to present her 4 piece outfit.

I first started with the jeans. Last time I tried a jean with fake pockets, I failed the fake pockets. This time around, I decided to make real pockets. I think I'm getting a good grab of this because you can put things in both pockets at the front. I also added a decorative band in between the legs it was a bit tricky to place, more than to just sew the normal jeans' legs. The little strawberries are made of felt and were hand sewn when the jeans was done.
The jeans also have real pockets at the back. I'm happy with the result even though the tissus show some white parts. I guess I'll do even better next time, practice, practice.
And surprise, surprise, the bottom of the jeans can be turned over to make shorter trousers with a red band at the bottom. I totally got overboard with all all the little details on this one.
Then I made the jean jacket. The coat has two large front pockets with a lid and little gold bead as buttons on one side. The collar has a blue decorative band and the sleeves have red ones. Once again all the little felt strawberries were hand sewn at the end. 
The interior of the jacket is doubled with red fabric with heart shape. It makes it easier to put on as the hands of the doll won't get stuff in the sewing.
The back of the jacket was also covered with strawberries. 
I also made her a wooly green jumper, the problem is that the sleeves are too thick to be able to wear it with the jacket so I had to make her something else. The jumper will be available soon at the Mes crazy experiences Etsy store in different color and fantasy style.
Here is the last piece, a bodice with green straps and a decorative red embroidered band. Once again to fit with the doll theme, I had to add some strawberries. Like the jeans, the bodice closes with clip buttons.
And here are the results.


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