Monday, December 29, 2014

Fairy World part 18

I'm back at writing. During the past few weeks I had been reading a lot because I was a little late on my reading challenge for 2014. I finally managed to finish reading my 100 books for the year, so it's time to go back to writing. I'm a bit jet lag so I'm going to give you the part I wrote at the beginning of the month and the part I wrote today, even if it's only 8:30 am as I'm writing this post so I'll hopefully have a lot more written today. 

Did you forget the story? It's ok, everything is still uploaded so you can go refresh your memory with the previous part here.

Here is my word count progress, that's not much compared to the 80000 words I was planing to have at the end of December but I'll hopefully get there soon. 

Today we continue with Sahel, Azazel and Kelpie who seem to have some difficulty with the tower and then we go mean Evalynn again has she plays with the kids. I'm not to sure if I should keep Evalynn's part on the final version, but that's the link to the next book so I might really need it, anyway, I'll figure that out with the editing which hopefully will happen once the entire series is drafted.

Here is today's part, enjoy the read and don't forget to enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experiences.

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