Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Taster 19: Parralel slip

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Frederic tends to be rebellious, here you get a long monologue about what her problem is. Even though that won't be enough to let her have her way, her mother is the stubborn type too, I guess those things always run in the family.

"Nothing changed, I'm growing up, I'll move to university, I am just graduating, I'm stressed and so what, everybody is stressed," I said. 
"But not everybody blackout," the doctor said. 
"You never found anything about my blackout so far, I have been blacking out since I'm 4 years old, that's 13 years of being a guinea pig," I said. 
I didn't really mean it that way, but I didn't want to keep putting my life in brackets just for them to study me. 
"I'll be in another city, the people around me will know that I might faint in the middle of the conversation, my roommate will have all the emergency numbers and so will all my friends and teachers and the security guard on campus and the people at the stores and the university restaurant if you want to but I have a life to live. What am I supposed to do, sit here until I black out again so that you can take a new picture of my brain. I'm sick of it, sick and tired of always having to repeat to you that I'm all right and that I feel just fine. Sick and tired of having to fight to get anything normal girl my age have. I can't go to the theater alone because what am I passing out in the dark? I can't go shopping alone because what if I pass out and someone kidnaps me? I can't learn how to drive because what if I pass out while driving? She won't even let me ride a bicycle," I said, pointing at my mother. "I'm telling you, I'll be at university when the class starts no matter what you say. I'm fine and I'm done listening to you. You want to know the truth, the real truth? I passed out a lot more time than you always recorded and I woke up all right and you want to know why? There is nothing wrong with me, the thing is you just look at me, but there is no treatment for it because I'm not sick." 
I walked to the door. 
"Frederique!" My mother called. 
"I'm going home, I'll walk, alone, if I die on the road for passing out crossing it so be it," I said. "Just leave me alone, you're suffocating me." 
I let the door slam being me and walked through the white aseptic corridors, I had spent so much time at the hospital that it was like my second home. Normally, I liked it here. I could have my brain pictures, that was cooler than a drawing book, at least when I was little. But now somehow I was angry at all the things I was missing. I loved my travel, but in this life, my mother was making everything look like hell. It wasn't just that she was overprotective, it was that for a long time she had made be believe that I could die any minutes.

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  1. Everyone has an angle. Even her parents, but theirs is out of love. At some point one just has to do what they want, and live their own life. Nice post. xo

  2. She mkust feel awful having to be a guinea pig and getting stressed. Maybe she needs time out. Great taster

  3. Man, this was one great piece. I know the meaning of being dependent and yet wanting to thrive on their own. The character in the story can't just place their life on hold; they have to live.

    I loved it!

  4. What a difficult time. You nail rebellious teenage, and she has more reason than most. Although, I don't think I'd want her driving either... all the other stuff, sure, but maybe not heavy machinery, y'know? ;)