Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Taster 12: Rainbow Catcher

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We are still with Marcus and it seems that Gena has a problem with Jason riding the bike, oops.

Markus threw him a towel. He didn’t have much choice now but to help with cleaning the bike. Markus wouldn’t let go, he removed the black carbon, oil ashes from the visible parts of the bike while Markus grabbed his tools to look at the engine more closely.
I knew you started it again! When will you throw this thing away?” Gena yelled from the door. She was wearing leather black trousers with a red shirt, her long blond hair pulled up in a pony tail and she seemed passably angry.
I’m giving it to the kid, he is going to the desert,” Markus said, smiling and hoping that a smile would smooth his wife’s temper. Jason gave a quick look at Gena not knowing if he better continue cleaning the bike and let Markus deal with her or just run away. When she was angry Gena was pretty scary and he didn’t want to stay around too much.
He is going to kill himself,” Gena said.
Jason couldn’t agree more, he was going to kill himself breathing the smoke or probably becoming deaf every time he would push the accelerator and that was the best cases. The bike could also stop anytime in the middle of huge fast traffic and that would be the end of him.
He’ll be fine, he spends all his nights in the garage, he knows everything he should know about bikes,” Marcus said.
Jason opened disbelieving eyes looking at Markus and at Gena in turns. The only thing he ever did was cleaning pieces without knowing what they were used for. He started to rub the bike more decidedly pretending not to notice he was the center of their discussion. If Gena won the fight, he would be able to go get his bus in no time.
You know how fast this thing goes,” Gena said as if it was the strongest argument she could give against anyone ever wanting to ride on a motorbike.
I know, that’s why he needs it, going to the desert by bus would take him a week and I’m not even talking about moving around once there, it’s totally impracticable without a bike,” Markus said.
Then give him another one, this one is too dangerous,” Gena said.
I don’t have another one worth giving, not for the desert,” Markus said.
The conversation was taking an interesting turn and Jason pretended to concentrate on cleaning without letting one word of it escape him, but looking at the bike, he couldn’t imagine that it could even run out of the room. It seemed to be about to fall apart.
Look here kid,” Markus said.
He had decided to avoid Gena until the business was done. Jason would take the bike, there was no way around it. He had removed the cover of the engine and was holding two pieces in his dark hands. The first one was looking like a moon croissant with little holes in it. As Markus pressed on the corner spikes came out suddenly with a clicking noise.
This piece is really important kid. It’s called the moon catcher and it’s really rare, not made any more, at least I’ve never seen one like that anywhere in my life and trust me I have seen a lot of bikes, now two things about it. First…” Markus started.
Kid, I’ll give you money for the bus,” Gena interrupted him taking her purse out.
Give him money for food,” Markus said, not even bothering looking at her.

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  1. Definitely preparing for a quest. I love those.

  2. Markus seems very fond of the bike. I am sure he will make an excellent job of cleaning it

  3. I feel Jason's desperation through the heated dialogue of the other two. I also feel sorry for him and the dilemma he will be put in if he has to ride the bicycle. I know she will give them the money but will it be used for the bus? I'm eager to find out.

  4. So anxious when and where he will find the purple rainbow!! Love this story. xo