Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Cinema: Twister

Welcome back to Thursday Cinema! 
Let's continue with our woman scientist series. This week we are going for an action movie with awesome special effect, youhou

Story: When she was little, Jo witnessed a rare event, a tornado class 5. That tornado snapped her father away in front of her and she became obsessed with chasing them, following them to study them and make sure that they won't kill anyone again. Then comes her husband who wants her to sign the divorce papers and his new girlfriend. She drags them into a race to be the first team laughing sensors inside of the tornado.

My feeling: I like that movie, I watched it several times. The first time I liked everything. The second time I was feeling a bit down, I guess, and I thought it wasn't as good as I remembered, especially due to the lack of dialogues and the main male character bossing people around. I mean only Jo seems to be particularly witty. I watched the movie again to write this post and I have to say, I still hate the main male character. First, because he was obviously cheating on his wife, second because he brought his new girlfriend in a world she doesn't even know and get back with his wife in the middle of it. Seriously, some guys need to figure out what they want. Though we never really know why he left in the first place. But, I like the strong female character, of course, who won't stop hunting her nightmare until the end (but should get rid of that husband... Really!) There is a sense in Jo that the most important thing to her is her job and her work makes her somehow beautiful to watch. It also increases her confidence because she is very competent. And I love the tornadoes. This movie is filled with beautiful tornado storm, it's just a pleasure for the eyes.

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