Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Cinema: Gorillas in the mist

Welcome for a new Thursday cinema. This time, for our scientist woman series, we are going to talk about a real scientist as today's movie, Gorillas in the mist, is the true story of naturalist, Dian Fossey.

Story: Dian Fossey is inspired by an anthropologist to study gorillas. She managed to convince him to give her a job, which consist of counting the gorillas in the mountains in Africa. She embarks to Congo but is kicked out of the country going through civil war. Funded by the National Geographic, she then starts her study again on the Rwanda side of the mountain, but she has to fight against the poaching of the gorillas seen by the Rwanda government as the only way to survive for the native. 

My feeling: This movie is a beautiful love story between a woman that nothing prepared for the African jungle, when she arrives, she wants her hair dryer and makeup, and a group of wild gorillas. Without any preparation, she follows a book to trace the gorillas. Then she develops her own mimicking technique to get closer to the animals. She became a part of her group and I think only people really close to her were able to see that and to understand why the poaching was driving her crazy. She spent her entire life in the jungle protecting and studying the gorillas abandoning any romantic relationship. I'm glad that in the end her efforts resulted in saving the species. This movie is still sad to no end.

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