Monday, October 27, 2014

Pullip doll making : wig

The first part of making the wig was preparing a hat to receive the hair. I crocheted a round brown hat with the same wool I used for the hair. This helps to have something uniform so if the hat is visible, it can still pass as hairs. 

The second part was to separate the wool. It was thick and made of 3 strings so I separated the strings. It's easier to first cut piece of strings of the desired length than to separate them so that the wool doesn't get tangled.

The third part was to sew the strings together to the hat. It's better to sew them in a spiral or circle around the head. At the back, I sew the sting near the tip, but at the front I fold them in two and sewed them in the middle. I tried to use tape to fix them together before sewing them as I had seen on a few tutorials, but it proved more annoying than useful so I resorted in sewing the string to the hat three at a time, making sure to have them flat on the hat.

You can see in the following picture that the tip of the  hair is pointing out this is of no consequence as more hair are going to be sewn to cover it near the center of the wig.
 In the following picture you can see the hair at the front where the string separate without the tip pointing out.
 Once done, I added a cascade braid to at the top front one side to the other.
 I terminated it in a bun attached by an hair pin.
 Here you can see the full length of her hair. It is useful to trim at the bottom before adding the braids and pins to make sure to have the same length of hair all around.

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