Monday, October 6, 2014

Pullip doll making: introduction

I have been announcing this new series everywhere, so many times and it's finally time to start. Over the past few months I had been looking at steampunk stuff for ideas for the book cover of Rainbow Catcher. You can see that the actual cover has nothing to do with steampunk, but I might have a steampunk version up hopefully before the end of the editing so that I can decide which is better. 

Anyway, I saw some really cool steampunk pullip dolls and started to explore the world of these dolls. Then I decided that I wanted one, but they are a bit expensive. After a bit of thinking, I came up with the idea to make my own. 

The "Make it own" kid arrived on Wednesday, 2 weeks ago. It took me one week to get the face, eyes, clothes, shoes and wig done. In this new series, I will be presenting the steps of creation one by one, including the part where I totally failed. That's going to be fun. So first, this is what the kid looks like. 

Here is my box on delivery day. I ordered a Fair Skin body color and a Pullip doll. The doll is 31cm tall with a female body. "Make it own" kits also have smaller dolls, boys and different skin colors.
These are all the pieces: Head, face, eyes, eyelids, eye chips, eyelashes, bars to make the eyelids move, screws and a body.
This is the blank face waiting for make up.
Here is a transparent eye chip. That way you can choose the doll's eye color.

The inside of the head, I used tape to tape the eyelashes to the eye lids. The springs are placed wrong on this picture.

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