Monday, October 20, 2014

Pullip doll making: The bodice and skirt

I made the bodice and skirt in one evening. For the skirt, you need 12 panels, 6 of each color. Let me know if you want the dimensions and exact tutorial on how to proceed.

For the upper part I sewed the panels together, leaving an edge of 0.5 cm.

Then I sewed the edge back, to form small corridors.

This is what it looks like from the inside. You need to pierce 4 holes in the corridors, then put a string from bottom to top and back on the other side.

Pulling on the string, you can gather the skirt as desired.

For the underskirt the 6 panels are sewn together without making a string corridor to be gathered. I added two bands, one at the bottom of each skirt to make them look neater.

The bodice is created with 8 pieces, sewn together to adapt to the body. It was trimmed at each step to make sure it fitted.

For the final touch, I added a band of the same fabric as the underskirt to the bodice. The black belt with a butterfly at the top of the skirt is not attached so it can be removed if needed. The metalling decoration to the skirt to enhance a Steampunk style was first glued but fell off so I had to sew it. I used a bracelet to make the chain of Theora's pendent.

You can see that Theora still has the first version of the face and no hair. Next week I will show you how I created the wig.

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