Friday, September 12, 2014

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart part 24

Vampire are a cool thing for Halloween, so creepy and stuff. Do you think Viorel is creepy? As I know him so well, I wonder if he can creep up other people. I mean all the sneaking and killing and sucking blood... Creepy enough? 

Anyway, I'm participating in a super cool facebook event called Spank or Treat 2014 for Halloween. You might have seen all the tweets going on. And I'm an Ambassador so I have a cool picture for it. If you want to participate, just let me know. If you want to check out the book the feature authors are going to make out of it, check here. I'm not one of the authors for the anthology, but I might participate in the flash fiction contest.

I also had really cool feedbacks on Rainbow Catcher which means a lot of work for me, but a better story for you when it gets out. So I can deal with that. 

Today Viorel is saving books and dragons... Maybe...
Anyway, let's continue our vampire story... I hope you'll enjoy. 
The word count for the moment (I know it's not changing, but nothing I can do about it for the moment and you still have your weekly dose of Vampire so no problem.):

Here is today's part. Enjoy! (Don't forget to Enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experience.)

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