Saturday, July 5, 2014

Harajuku Kiss has been featured in the Dreamcatcher!

Harajuku Kiss has been featured in the new Dreamcatcher! 

This really made my day, I was reading my email while waiting at the hospital so it improved things a lot.  I'll be fine by the way, don't worry! I'm to excited not to be fine, you know the mind control the body!

The Dreamcatcher is build by Gem Sivad and presents amazing books from a lot of people around the writers sphere. With long or short excerpt of the books and author profiles. Including authors from Snippet Sunday. You sure don't want to miss the read, there is a lot to be discovered there. And this awesome magazine is completely FREE!

Go have a look at it. ;) And don't hesitate to browse there the previous issues as well.

Dreamcatcher July 2014, Volume 5 Issue 2

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