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Today is day X for the A-to-Z challenge and I'm totally back on track, yeah me. Did you just wonder what it was all about while reading the title? Well I did, it's hard to find adjectives starting with an X without cheating and having is start with an EX like Exquisite or Exceptional. Anyway here is the definition of Xerophilous: capable of thriving in a hot, dry climate, as certain plants and animals.

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Here is a little part of Rainbow Catcher (unedited). As you know from the W post, Jason has gone to the desert to try to get Clarissa the purple rainbow she needs for her surgery. This time he makes a dangerous encounter.


“Want something fresh !” Pyrrhus yelled from above throwing a bottle of water to Alban. Alban caught it while getting down of the bike.
Jason was sitting near the closest rock in the shadow. It was all yellow everywhere and it was so hot he felt like vomiting. Alban throw him the half empty bottle. “Your turn”, he said.
The bottle was hot, like everything else.
“I’m not thirsty” Jason said.
“I’m not asking if you are thirsty, I’m only telling you to drink, we need do the right thing at the right time if we want to get out of here alive”, Alban answered.
Jason didn’t reply, he knew that Alban was right but he could feel the desert calling him again. He tried to push the thought away and opened the bottle. He knew he was going to die here and that it was soon going to be the end of this desert nightmare. There was not a chance for him to do anything else than dying really, he was feeling himself get weaker and weaker with every drop of water he drunk and the desert call was becoming stronger. He closed his eyes to make the yellow go away as the water continued down his throat, but yellow was all he could see.
“If I don’t drink I’ll dehydrate and die, if I drink I want to go deeper and deeper into the desert and be one with it. What are my chances?” he finally said looking in the empty yellow space in front of him.
“Just think about the rainbow, we’ll get it soon”, Alban said.
“I’m not really sure about that”, Pyrrhus said jumping down from rocks to rocks. He had landed at the top of them.
“What do you mean?” Alban answered.
“This place is weird, like really weird. It will be colder than ever tonight. In a way we better prepare for it and I another way I feel like going back to my balloon and fly away from here as soon as possible”, Pyrrhus said looking around.
He didn’t want to laugh anymore and for some strange reason Jason was finding it reassuring but Alban had an alarmed look on his face.
“What’s so weird about it?” Alban asked again. He wanted facts, he needed facts, something he would be able to deal with, not just a old woman like weird feeling.
“It looks creepy from above because we know for sure that nobody has ever been in this part of the desert, however, the stones don’t look natural at all”, Pyrrhus said.
“Not natural like what?”, Jason said stroking the rock near him. The stone slowly turned into yellow dust under his hand.
“If you can break it this easily, how come they are still standing? And they are aligned, not randomly scattered around like they should be”, Pyrrhus said.
“Who could make stones that huge or move them around?” Alban said a bit reassured.
“That’s exactly what I’m saying… We don’t know that” Pyrrhus said.
Alban expired loudly. It was more to empty his lungs of the pressure of Alban's imagination than a real sight.
“Let’s get ready for the night while we still have light around here”, he said opening the trunk of the motorcycle. The top was already filled with sand. That kind of sand was so thin that it was able to get everywhere. He knew he was even breathing it in the air right now. He hated this part of the desert. He wanted his desert back as soon as possible. Pulling everything out he started to wonder if Clarissa would like to live in the desert too, that was mainly impossible.
“Hum, Alban, we have a problem” Pyrrhus said behind him.
“What again?” he said turning around.
At the top of the rocks was standing or squatting, whatever you can do with that kind of legs, a gigantic, bright orange crab.

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