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Today we are going to see a little part of Demon Soul where Grenadine and Hitomi don't want to bother with taking Malena out with them. Of course taking a kid out shopping on your free day can be troublesome but they are just making excuses for being lazy about it.


 “Hey, sleeping beauty, you’re just in time, Hitomi and I were planning a shopping afternoon you want to join us?” Grenadine asked completely unaware of Brownie’s busy morning.
“Of course, you know I’m always up for shopping.” Brownie seized some plates from Grenadine’s hands and spread them down on the table. “There are few things I need.”
“We were not really planning to go shopping for clothes,” Hitomi said quickly, “more the book shop.”
“And the painting shop,” Grenadine added.
Brownie was a lot into fashion and even liked to design her own clothes during her free time.
“I see, I wanted to go buy some candles for my room, I used most of them last week but we can always split and meet in the centre once we’re done.”
“Oh, I wanted to go to the new shop for ages.” Grenadine said.
Hitomi giggled this new shop had already been opened for three months but each time Grenadine wanted to go there she always ended up spending all her money for colour pencils, paint and sketch notebooks. She pushed Grenadine with her elbow “this time we’re going to go there first, I love that shop,” she said.
Malena pulled on Hitomi’s trousers “Can I come too? I want to see the candles too.”
Hitomi and Grenadine looked understandingly at each other.
“Not this time. It will be a really long walk and you’ll be too tired, you’ll join next time.”
Hitomi walked quickly to the cupboard and get some glasses out while Grenadine started to get forks from the drawer making as much noises as possible to avoid Malena. Going shopping was the only way for them to get rid of their little siblings for sometimes and it was out of question to be trailing Malena behind and having her complaining and asking when they were going to go home.
Malena pouted.
“You always say that I can come next time but you never let me.”

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