Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Demon Soul chapter 10

Hi there and welcome to a new chapter of Demon Soul.
 Last week I was a little bit busy between the A-to-Z challenge (if you are looking for it click here), Camp NaNoWriMo and LJ Idol.

This week I don't have to worry about LJ Idol any more, I still have to write 100k words this month for Camp NaNo and a daily post for A-to-Z but that's nothing that can't forbid me to post a video. 

As I didn't do anything last week today the video is double time. Well not really just chapter 10 is pretty long compared to the other chapters so the video is obviously longer to.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy. There is a lot happening in my fantasy world, you'll also meet a new character but I'll leave you the surprise.

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