Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday cinema: 携帯彼氏 (cellphone boyfriend)

Welcome back for a new Thursday cinema, today I'm going to present you a not so scary horror movie.

Storie:  Ayumi kill herself leaving a message to her friend Satomi and Yuka that her boyfriend wanted to kill her. But Ayumi doesn't have a real boyfriend, she was only playing a game called Keitai Kareshi (Cellphone Boyfriend). Satomi is not interested by the game but Yuka is already playing. They decide to investigate and download Ayumi's boyfriend to Satomi's cell phone. At the same time a rumor is propagating: If you lose the game with love point going down to 0%, or if you finish it with love point ut to 100% you will die.
My feelings: This was a scary movie, so of course at time I was scared. However, it's more for kids so there were very cute part to it. I like the way the main character seems so much in control and decided to find the truth when other people around her tend to freak out. I also like the plot twist and the big discovery at the end of the story. The conclusion is also rather funny.
But if you are looking for an horror movie to scare you for weeks, that's not the movie for you.

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