Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day Hook 29

Hello and welcome to Hump Day hook, This week is action week so here is a little action scene unedited just cut out of Vampire Heart. You know, Viorel really want to travel quietly to find the tools for his revenge and his memory back and to discover who he really is but it seems that trouble follows him. Today he is fighting vampire hunters. Here is a little part of this encounter with the keeper of the inn he was staying at.

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The inn owner had got up and had started to tidy the mess, cursing at the priest and the giant as he would never have dared to do in front of them. I walked out of darkness, sword in hand, pointed it at the back of his neck and cleared my throat. 
“Now it’s my turn to ask questions.” 
He jumped of surprise turning around, letting me cut greasy hair. He tried to dominate me as he was taller, bumping his chest but the feeling of my blade pushing deeper on his chest finally made him back up. He felt sitting on a chair, tired of fighting either with the priest or me but still able to rebel. I needed to be cautious about him. 
“I’ll kill you”, were his first words. 
 I sighed, that wasn’t really the first time I was hearing that and so far everyone seemed to be failing at it and I intended to keep it this way. 
“You’re scared by everything in your life and you’re most of all scared by me. You can’t think properly so if you want to keep on living, you are going to cooperate and answer my questions and above all, above all”, I repeated slowly adding my little vampire effect. “Don’t try to be smart, you’re not made for that.” 
He tried to get up pushing the blade slowly against his chest and cutting his jumper. 
“Who do you think…” he started.

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