Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hump Day Hook 26

Welcome to a new Hump Day Hook. This week is romance week and I will share with you a little part of my Thriller Romance, Harajuku kiss.
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He had been running for a while, I knew because sweat leaked on his face and his black hair glued to his forehead. He came from the main road above and pushed people to run, but he stopped in front of me. It wasn't parallel synchronized randomness, because I wasn’t moving. He turned his head back as expecting someone and dug his hand deep in is coat pocket. He made a strange, unexplainable impression on me. He stood close to me, closer than a stranger should. I wanted to move but my body refused to obey. It was like finally being with someone in this place, on purpose, instead of being anonymously part of the crowd, like having a reason to be here, a reason coming from my poor imagination of dumped girl. 

“Save me,” he said looking at me straight in the eyes, the soul stealing motion.
If my soul hadn’t already been stolen, he would have taken it.

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  1. Her soul's already been stolen? I hope some handsome gentleman can get it back for her...

  2. Oooh, save him from what? Wonderful snippet.