Friday, January 10, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: First time under the sea... at fish depth

So of course diving in the swimming pool was fun but that's not really what I meant by diving, I could reach the bottom without equipments. So the next day we started up again, early, to go to Sunabe Wall -1, passed on out gear and went for our first exploration of the under water world. 

During this practice which took three dives and 1hour 55 minutes under water, we practice the mouth piece recovery and removing water out of our mask. Removing my mask was really hell. Not because I couldn't do it properly but because my eyes stayed painful for a bit after that and I always seem to have salty water in my nose for some reasons. It got better with further dives. 

I can totally float without problem and I needed 8 kilos weigh on my weight belt and buoyancy jacket pockets to be able to sink. I had no problem getting inside the water but getting out was another story, I always slipped on the rocks and felt unable to stand, hopefully my wet suit protected me from cuts and injuries. Walking out made me feel really heavy.
Inside of the water we were feeling alright but outside was a little bit cold so we had hot water to wet and warm ourselves up.
One of my question was: Can I really see fishes if I go dive so close to the shore? 
The answer is: Yes, definitely, a hell lot of them, they are either really cute and friendly because they are used to being fed by the people doing introduction diving to attract them for a picture, or shy and hiding.

I'll introduce you to the fishes later, I need to find some picture on the web because I didn't have a camera that goes under water. Travel table of content

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