Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Editing Frenzy: Prompt Five Clarification: feeling verbs

It is Tuesday again and here is a new prompt for our Editing Frenzy.

We are going to take the diet list again and start working on our feeling verbs.

Take the feeling verbs: feel.... (check out diet word list for more) for each of them figure out why the character feels this way and see if you can explain it differently. 


Initial: Rob didn't know what he had done wrong but he feel like Kirsten might be angry at him.

Replace by: Her face tensed and her smile dropped as soon as he entered the room. She stopped laughing with the others and played nervously with her spoon in her coffee cup. She kept her eyes on the cup as well or starred at their colleagues. Rob crossed the room to joined them, without even looking at him she walked back to her desk. 

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