Friday, December 13, 2013

Blue Angel part 19 (NaNoFiMo 2013)

I finally started to work on finishing Blue Angel's first after 9 days without touching it. I think I might have been a little burned out by the 75k challenge which ended up being 77k to please the NaNoWriMo word counter. Anyway, things are going strong again.
Here is the new words count for NaNoFiMo

In this part of the story Kamaril arrived in the Fairy World and it's not really what he was expecting.
He doesn't seem to ever be able to get something easily in life. I guess he is continuously struck with bad luck and still keep on struggling and taking it on the people around. It's not the complete part for him, I need to write a little bit more which would appear next time.

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  1. Hey, just found this site through nanofimo. Good on you for carrying on writing even when feeling a bit burn out. Hope you meet your dec goal.