Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 21

It's Wednesday and time for Hump Day Hook again. Find the other writers here. I'm not participating to Mid-week tease anymore because I find it so troublesome to have the registration at different place all the time and to have to go look for it as it is never announced somewhere easy. 
If you miss my other hooks, they can all be found here.

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Let's continue with Attic Mirror, we start again just where we left off. Demian continues talking about his grand-father.
He came back to the camp an hour later, the men were tired and wanted to get back home, the food had already started to go missing and they had nowhere to find some. But my grand-father didn’t give up and he ordered to pack. It’s how he started his hunt for the red Yloc. Not to say how many people had lost their life in the mountain running for such folly already. They started to walk with their yellow Ylocs deeper and deeper in the mountains knowing that each step further was one more to go back. They walked for days sometimes leaving some of the weaker men and Ylocs in camps on the road. They were all saying that it was folly and some started to go back but my grand-father wouldn’t listen. You see the red Yloc was calling him in his dreams with his very special voice. He could see it and almost touch it and he continued to walk despite the hunger, the thirst and the fact that his best men had already given up. He knew where he was going even if he didn’t have any maps of the region. During his travel he went further than any other human being had been before him. He already knew that it was already extraordinary but the connection with the red Yloc was way stronger than that. After days of climbing all alone in the coldest mountains you can imagine, when he thought that his lungs were going to explode by lack of oxygen, he arrived at the summit of the highest Eastern Mountains and they were there. The red Ylocs, an all bunch of them, not even scared, as it was probably the first time they ever saw a human in their life.
He said that he sat on the floor to cry and that an Yloc came to him to drink his tears. He came back down of the mountain triumphal on the back of his red Yloc, the first red Yloc ever tamed by a man. His name was Flash, because he was faster than the fastest blue Ylocs. And he was followed by a group of red Ylocs to the village. It took years for the red Yloc specie to be accepted as such. Apparently you need three generations of Yloc of the same color and you need to have them reproduce with the other Ylocs too, which was pretty difficult as the Ylocs tend to attack and kill the ones looking a bit different. The yellow and blue Ylocs had never seen red ones before and same for the red ones who had only been staying together. My grand-father was fulminating. My grand-mother said that waiting killed him before his time. The rules had been invented by merchants who wanted to keep the monopole of selling Ylocs’ eggs for themselves. Nobody had ever heard of such rules before. Anyway in the end the red Ylocs were accepted as such and this is how my grand-father entered in history,” he finished.

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