Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update on the 6 Week Challenge

November is the month of NaNoWriMo but it's also the month of the 6 Week Challenge. So far it has been 19 days, so I am almost at the middle of the challenge.

For my 6 Week Challenge, my goal is to study Japanese for at least 150 hours in 6 weeks. 
At the moment, I can't use earphone at work because I'm doing a lot of reading and working out math equation but it will soon change when I start programming, so my hour count didn't rise as quickly as usual. My hour count is mainly do to reading in the bus as I go and come back to work and watching anime. 

I will try to do a little bit more of Anki during the next 3 weeks. I think the problem was that I got bored with my deck but I have a new one (RTK2) which seems interesting. My total anki time for the 3 last weeks is the half of my boyfriends daily use, that's kind of ridiculous but he does anki while walking around to places while I only do it on computer. I can feel the technology power here.  On the other hand, I can read more books.

As I am not at 75 hours yet, I have about 35 hours to catch up. That should be doable.
 I'm happy because I managed to finish R.O.D. 1 and I'm now half way through R.O.D. 2.

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  1. Hi Linda. I'm curious. Do you do any of the artwork here on your blog? :-)

  2. Yes, I'm doing the artwork on my blog.