Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blue Angel part 11 (NaNoWriMo 2013)

Only 922 words yesterday, I'm late again.
Here is what is happening to me, she is called the inner-editor, let's call her Ed and Ed loves to mess with my stories as I write them. I generally gave them to her entirely when I'm doing with the draft (after letting them rest a bit) but for the past 2 days, she had been showing up at the least opportune moment. And here is how it goes:

Me: "So let's get Isakael back home and annoyed with everyone in the living room, lalala"
Ed crosses arms on her chest (she does that a lot, a bit of the fighting type) : "Hum, hum" (She watches over my shoulder.
Me: "Let's try to make everybody say something smart, damn that's a lot of people. (3 vampire, Gideon, Brownie, Kallisto, Saphira, Seti, Samira, Evalynn, Sahel, Az... and Isakael of course and the creatures leaking out the portal...) hum, I don't know what the demons are going to say so let's them not do anything for the moment. And Saphira can also be quiet and Kallisto doesn't need to intervient"
Ed: "Then why the hell are they even in the room?"
Me: "Because they are doing stuff here."
Ed: "Like what?"
Me: "Like what they usually do, everybody knows that."
Ed: "I don't"
Me looks at her, (she knows everything I do but pretend she doesn't that's when she is at her worse): You are the one not supposed to be here so go away and let me write.
Ed: "hum, hum" turns around to leave but comes back to wacht over my shoulder,  I hate when people do this btw. "plot hole, plot hole, you know this part doesn't fit here. You brought Isa back too early and the other characters are not yet settled at the place."
Me: "hum." I know she is right but don't know how to deal with it because the demon part was already too long.
Ed: "where is Seti? How did the explanation with Samira go? Why is she here anyway, you didn't need that fight in the sanctuary and why were they looking for Saphira and why was Evalynn's father there...."
Me: "Yes, I didn't explain that either." pulls hair.
Ed: "You have a entire history about Saphira and you give her 2 lines, are you freaking kidding me, she needs a proper introduction! People need to know that she is the moon princess, or you can take her out of the story and have Isa follow his instinct."
Me: "I keep her you can cut her out later."
Ed: "Yes, you love to give me that kind of work so that you don't have to take any responsibility."
Me still stubbornly trying to write the scene down.
Ed: "Nobody will understand why you have so many characters, keep Dylan out of the story and Daciana she is as worthy as a flower pot give her her own story if you have to be keep her out of this one."
Me: "But who will take care of the creatures getting in if Dylan is not there."
Ed: "Who ever is there at that time."
Me: "But it interrupt the dialogue,"
Ed: "They have nothing interesting to say anyway, give us some narrative.
And I gave some narrative and then I got a little tired...

Here is what I managed to write last night anyway. 

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