Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 18

It's Wednesday  and I thought it was Tuesday and I even thought tomorrow was Thursday without Wednesday in between. My brain, my brain. Anyway, it's Hump Day Hook again. Find the other writers here. It's also Mid-Week Tease, you can find the other writers here.
If you miss my other hooks, they can all be found here.

Attic Mirror is finally available as a kindle on amazon here and as a pdf on Etsy here and on smashwords here

Last week as there was no Hump Day Hook I gave you a Tease for Blue Angel.
This time, we will continue with Attic Mirror. Hitomi and Demian are having an Yloc talk which degenerate to an ostrich talk

“Of course not! Animals don’t carry things, especially ostriches. We have cars and trucks for that”, she answered.
In front of his bland look she started flipping the pages of the dictionary again.
“It’s a car”, she said.
“And you can go inside?” he asked.
“Sure”, she said pointing at the different parts, “here you have the driver and here and here the passengers.” And she turned the pages to show him a truck.
“How do you feed them? They must eat a lot”, he said.
“Well we use gasoline. It’s a sort of black and nauseating liquid. You put inside and it makes it run for a while”, Hitomi said.
“So you don’t need anything to pull it?” Demian asked.
“No, it works mechanically”, Hitomi said.
“It’s good because it looks really heavy, I wonder how many Ylocs would be needed to move it”, Demian said looking at the picture and then at his own book.
“It is really heavy”, Hitomi said nodding.
“It looks cool though, I would like to try getting in sometimes. Here we do everything with the Ylocs”, he said.
“How do you do that?” she asked.

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  1. REally nice dialogue here... Great hook x

  2. Nice how you show the differences between the two worlds. :)