Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hump Day Hook: Halloween Special

I know you already had a Hump Day Hook post yesterday and now you are probably asking yourself: "What the hell is she doing?" Or not cause I don't know what's in your head actually. But anyway, yesterday I was a little bit confused because it was Hump Day Hook and we also planned the Halloween Special and nobody seemed to be willing to play with me yesterday so I just decided to write a new special post for HALLOWEEN cause otherwise I wouldn't have written anythings special and just forget Halloween all together at least on the virtual side of my life. OK but enough explanation, here is the Hook! (Other spooky hooks here)

Here is an extract of Teresa's diary from Attic Mirror. 

Friday 3rd August 1923

I couldn’t write about what happened yesterday last night. My hands were shaking too much. Thinking about it, my heart is still shaking now and I’m not sure I will finish all I have to say in one go. Samantha got me a black dress as soon as we were sure that everybody else would be sleeping. It was about midnight and very dark. I’m not use to wear that kind of sexy outfit but she said that the spirits generally like it. While I dressed up, she had drawn some symbols with a chalk on my bedroom floor, under a carpet so that we could hide them with it afterwards. She told me to sit in front of her in the circle and started to enlighten candles and saying strange things. I knew I had to be quiet and concentrate. I didn’t know on what I was supposed to concentrate so I just followed her moves. It was a bit comical at that point at least. She opened a piece of paper with an alphabet on it and Yes and No and put it in the middle of the circle between us with a glass upside down on it. She started to hold it with two fingers of her left hand and I added mine on it as well. Then she asked.
Spirits are you here?” I almost wanted to laugh. I would probably have laughed if she hadn’t been so scary all along.
And the glass moved to the Yes. I thought it was Samantha moving it like a bad joke but then she asked again “What’s your name?” and the glass moved to the letters, she even removed her fingers as the spirit in the glass seemed so powerful and it continue to move as she wrote. “Sam Grant”.
She asked “When did you die?” and the spirit answered “silly question.”
Samantha had a little laugh.
I was really getting scared why couldn’t we have found the spirit of a nice grand-mother or of a writer or artist, why did it have to be a criminal?
But Samantha seemed to be really enjoying it.
Do you know magic?”
Can you teach me?”
What do you want?”
Open a passage between two worlds” she said looking at my scared face proudly, her magic was working.
Which world?” the spirit said.
Samantha had an interrogating look on her face. I gathered my courage and thought about David.
Do you know Teneria?” I asked.
Stay away of Teneria or you’ll die,” the spirit started to write but I could hear the words resonating in my head as I felt the glass shaking my hand, arm and my all body. I wasn’t myself anymore. I was pushed away of myself by something coming from the glass. I remember seeing Samantha sizing the glass and throwing it at the wall and then nothing. I woke up in my bed. Samantha was shaking me to bring me back to consciousness. My checks and chin were wet with saliva. I finally muttered that I was fine but my head was hurting like hell and Samantha started to laugh and to tell me how awesome it had been and that she had never seen it happen this way before. All I could do was to…

Attic Mirror is finally available as a kindle on amazon here and as a pdf on Etsy here and on smashwords here.  

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