Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hump Day Hook 13: Attic Mirror

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We will continue with Attic Mirror. Today Hitomi is thinking that she is becoming crazy, she just heard some voice coming from inside the mirror apparently...

He was finally not that scary after all.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Demian Aaron Carter”, he said looking proud. Seeing that she didn’t react he added, “I’m the son of the explorer.”
“Oh”, she said not knowing at all about any explorers of that name. She noted for herself to have a look in the library even though she had always believed that people had stopped exploring the world long ago.
“Never mind”, he answered sitting back on his bed felling weird that someone never heard about his father. “What’s your?”
“Hitomi”, she answered.
“Hitomi, just Hitomi?” he asked a bit puzzled. It was a really short name.
“Yes, just Hitomi”, she answered smiling.
“It’s a nice one”, he said smiling hoping he didn’t offence her with his question.
“It’s Japanese”, Hitomi added knowing that her name wasn’t really a common one for everybody in his part of the world. “What are you reading?”
“The new book about Ylocs that my mum bought me yesterday”, he answered thinking that Japanese was probably a kind of ethnic minority from the mountains.
“Ylocs?” Hitomi thought out loud. She first thought she didn’t hear well, she was pretty sure that the word Yloc wasn’t in the dictionary. “What’s that?” she added.
“You don’t know what an Yloc is? Are you kidding me?” He exclaimed stupefied.
“No, I don’t know, is it something famous?” she asked a bit dubitative, boy used to make big fuse about unknown things all the time, like football players or music bands.
“Famous is not really the word I would have used. They are more indispensable for most things, from which planet are you coming down? You’re strange.” He said trying to laugh and still thinking that she was trying to make fun of him.
“I really don’t know what it is, you’re the strange extraterrestrial of the two”, she said getting a little upset.
“I’m not an extraterrestrial, I’m from right here, I was born in his house in Teneria, just like you but not knowing about Yloc is the strangest thing I ever heard of, how do you get you’re food and mail and travel and all?” he pleaded a bit afraid that she might leave.
“What is Teneria?” Hitomi asked, she was a bit lost but new words were catching her attention as usual like nothing else.
“Wait a minute”, he said, “You mean that you’re not from Teneria.

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  1. Oh, the mirror is a portal? Great hook!

  2. these are so much fun she is full of questions me too what is a Yloc

  3. Lots of questions and a fun story. Thank for teasing with us!