Thursday, October 3, 2013

China: Xi'an, the drum tower

After the end of the conference, I took the train from Lanzhou to Xian. I had a very cheap train ticket and the train was anything but comfortable and a little bit scary. I was the only foreigner in the train and people tent to shout a lot also at me for not being at the right place (I think). Then I finally managed to find my sit with some people who wanted to take pictures with me and then started to ask me a lot of questions in Chinese which I had trouble to understand and then there was that guy from the army that made a fuss because I was reading a book in Japanese when I should be speaking Chinese with him, here is China Goddammit. So yeah the night was a bit scary and I was happy to arrive in Xi'an. 
It didn't take me too long to find the hotel, I mean it did take me long because I walked there (that's an habit I walk everywhere no matter the distance) but at least I didn't get lost. The Warrior Hostel is awesome by the way if you stay in Xi'an just stay there, it's also cheap. I took a nap and then went to explore the city and stopped at the drum tower (you can get a cheaper ticket for both drum and bell tower). The drum tower was filled with drums of all sizes, there was also a sort of museum with different sorts of drums and I had the chance to be just on time for one of the representation. 

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