Monday, October 28, 2013

China: Beijng, The Great Wall

I'm the tenacious type. The next day I tried to go to the great wall again. I stopped at the same place but there was a lot more people there. And once again, we waited, a lot. Until a couple just decided to leave. I'm not really sure why but I had the feeling that we weren't going to get the bus from here and that they knew something I didn't, so I followed them. We walked a bit further. The first bus stop where I stopped had a temporary sign, we arrived at large bus stop area where all the buses were going to the Great Wall. That was really cool. I queue for a while and got in the bus.
Then we arrived at the Great Wall in the Badaling part. I went to the North side of wall and climbed it to the end. Most people stop at the last shop near the eight tower but the wall continued much further. I'm happy that I chose to continue and to reach the end. The wall is had to climb, very step road and stairs going up and down.  On the way down I had an encounter with the locals animals.

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