Friday, September 20, 2013

Mich's Summer Mystery: Books

Hello wonderful people and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post.

Still no winner!!
Last time, Josh took Mich to a bookstore.
And it's not her favorite place in the world.

We are getting close to the end of the story and to the end of the event. Hurry to give me your answers. Multiple tries allowed of course.

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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Mich was having some kind of problem with the mirror and she appears to be sucked inside it then she met the colorful inhabitants of this new side of the mirror and they were just mouths. She continued to explored the mirror world and met with some flower girls who didn't seem too happy that she had lost something, they pointed her to a group of rhinoceros attended to by a young boy who managed to get Mich to climb on the back of one of them. The rhinoceros knew everything and it took Mich straight to the tree and someone was waiting for her there. After some confusion between two people pretending to be the obscure professor Mich should follow, she finally picked one who took her out of the mirror. They arrive in UEC. Mich had some forms to sign, the obscure professor wants to send her on a trip that she doesn't know anything about. After a while in flight, she remembers that she planed on going to New York. Josh is waiting to meet her there, he plans to take her to a book store and she doesn't like books so much.
Mich's Summer Mystery: Books 

One thing for sure, there were lots of books in here. I turned to look behind me. Josh closed the door slowly trying not to be noisy but the rustiness of old door didn’t help. The bookstore seemed empty, full of books but empty of people. I turned to the books expecting them to be different. Expecting something to come to me, it would be nice to see something here to help me. I felt like I needed to go through the Everest except they build it with books. 

“I don’t like books,” I muttered to Josh who didn’t seem to be interested. 

He took his jumper of, I felt hot too but not so hot, the snow still glow in the street outside. 

“So where do we begging?” He smiled so bright, seemed so in his element in here, I struggled to get the words out of my mouth one more. 

“I don’t like books, they oppressed me somehow,” the feeling of pressure in my chest seemed to overcome me when I told him. 

“How is it possible?”

“There must be something you don’t like either.” 

If there were one or two things which completely pissed me off they would be people’s closed minds. 
You must be some sort of monster if you don't like books, so stupid, knowing nothing, being prone to violence... I would stop here, it unnerved me. 
I don’t like books, they don’t welcome me. So much words in so little lines. So much to tell but no voice. I didn’t need someone to tell me I should like them. It would just turn me off, dislike them even more. Books were burdensome. There were people everywhere to tell you which one to open, which to enjoy, which is good, which is the worse. I took some steps deeper in the forest of books trying not to look the cover flying over, getting out of their shelves. I needed to get further from Josh. I could still sense him next to me, he seemed to be following me, to try to tell me something but I couldn’t stop now. The shelves were moving, spinning, once more I felt dizzy, the dizziness which didn’t left me since I woke up with this thing missing out of my mind. 
Then I noticed it. It fell on the floor for everyone to see but nobody picked it up. Nobody but me with my dislike of books. 

On the front cover: “The NeverEnding story.” 


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this new part of the story. A bookstore where you can't buy book, right? what is going on? Someone cares to enlighten me?  If you find why, you'll solve the mystery.
Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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