Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Indie Block Party Post 2: Introduce your WIP

Since yesterday and for six more blog posts over the next two weeks, I'm participating to the Indie Block Party. Indie authors have gathered to talk about... Indie author stuff, like writing and stories and trying not to bored the readers, you should check them out HERE it might be fun.

Today, I'm supposed to introduce my work in progress, so once again I'm going to be talking about Vampire Heart.

My idea for Vampire  Heart originated three years and a half ago when I thought about an amnesic vampire with a beating heart. Of course, I have to explain why his heart was beating and why he was amnesic. Viorel, the main character, appeared out of that thought and everything else followed, the characters were created and Viorel was on his way through Europe with a bunch of vampires running after him.

Viorel is traveling through Europe in search for his memory, knowledge and a way to get his revenge. So of course I needed a travel map.

Despite being a more than three years long project with more than 153858 words, Vampire Heart is still at the stage of an unfinished first draft. I would say that I'm right in the middle of the story. I thought several times about cutting it into a trilogy but, if it happens, it will be done much later. For the moment, all I have to do is write, replan, write and replan.

All current parts of Vampire Heart's first draft are accessible from this blog. The reason for this is that I feel pushed to write if I know that there are people out there waiting to read what comes next.

Vampire Heart, part 1
Vampire Heart, part 2
Vampire Heart, part 3
Vampire Heart, part 4
Vampire Heart, part 5
Vampire Heart, part 6
Vampire Heart, part 7
Vampire Heart, part 8
Vampire Heart, part 9
Vampire Heart, part 10
Vampire Heart, part 11
Vampire Heart, part 12

Vampire Heart is my first novel written mostly as in the first person point of view. It was hard at the beginning so I added some parts telling what is happening to Sorina, the one Viorel is longing for, in the third person. I think it suits the book and helps cutting the action a little.

First unedited paragraph :

About 600 years ago in Sighişoara.

I woke up feeling a deep pain in my chest, I feel the air running through my nose and cough. I had the taste of blood in my mouth and the air was going in too, making my chest move up and down quickly. I wanted it to stop, I closed my eyes for a second thinking that if I could go back to sleep it would stop, that if I could stop thinking it will all go away. But I was wrong, my chest kept on moving up and down with the air inside burning it. That was the worse sensation I ever felt, something going inside of me without me wanting it and I was unable to resist it. I tried to pull up my hands to my chest or my throat but I could feel the heavy weight of chains around my wrist penetrating my flesh as I moved my hands up. I hold it a little, that type of pain felt a lot better. I knew that type of pain, I was tied up but for some reasons I wasn’t scared. I seemed like the fear had felt me long ago. I heard some voices around me and I realized that I was lying on a table. I moved my head up to look in direction of the voices but I started to feel dizzy, my lungs’ need for air accelerated as my head felt back on the hard wooden table. I felt unable to move.

First paragraph with the third person point of view (unedited):

Sorina woke up as the cold water hit her face. She huddled up trying to protect herself from the vampires standing in from of her.
“Stand in front of the master,” the old servant beat her with a stick and she huddled up even more. Despite her young age she despised him and she would never got up for him even if she could which was not the case anyway. He beat her again, as if that was pleasurable until the one he had called the master pushed him disdainfully away.
“Where is he?” the master asked.
He had tried anything to make her talk and she was sure that she would have talked by now if she had known but she didn’t know, she was just hoping that he was safe. And as far as they were still asking her about him, she knew he was. She didn’t even answered or looked at him, whatever she might say wouldn’t have changed anything. Her life had gone with him. Everybody she ever knew and loved were dead and he had escape. The only reason why she was still breathing was because she knew that he would come back for her.
“It has been three weeks already, that’s a very long time for a human, you are getting old,” the vampire added.

I have Vampire Heart's home made dolls.

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  3. I love your map : ) The story idea sounds interesting too!