Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hump Day Hook 6: Attic Mirror

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Today's hook is a little bit longer than usual. It seems that people enjoyed the sisterly interaction at the start of Attic Mirror last week so today we are starting right were we left off, we'll see that Grenadine is not following her own advices.

I don’t want to go talk to him, I don’t have anything to tell him,” Hitomi said getting annoyed. 
“You’re denying it too much to be trusted,” Grenadine said with a smile. 
Hitomi shook her head wondering if resonating with Grenadine was a good idea, but if she didn’t she would probably then be suspicious for not saying anything. 
“Even if I wanted to talk to him, I said even if. I couldn’t. Girls don’t go talk to boys like that, we have to wait until they come talk to us," Hitomi said as if it was a basic and obviously indestructible rule. 
 “Come on, nobody does that anymore, people invented parity now, you can go talk to him, there is no law against it,” Grenadine said laughing. 
“It’s not about law, but boys and girls are different, you should know that by now. Boys always need to feel they are the one in control,” Hitomi said very seriously. 
“What is this supposed to mean?” Grenadine said a bit lost. 
Hitomi felt that she was finally, after days of endless debates about whether or not she liked Timmy, getting something through Grenadine’s thick head. 
“It’s just a question of perception. Boys want to think they are controlling everything, so we let them believe they do and they are happy with it,” Hitomi said. 
“I still don’t see what it has to do with you not talking to Timmy,” Grenadine said. 
“If I wanted to talk to him and to have a result I should let him talk to me first, because if I go talk to him he will think that I’m the one in control because I took the first step and he would probably be scared. So the best thing to do is to wait,” Hitomi tried to explain. 
“So you let him be in control that is very courageous and it will make every feminist in the world want to kill you,” Grenadine said looking at Hitomi a bit shocked. 
“Of course not, I let him think he has the control while I’m the one having it,” Hitomi said. 
“This time I really don’t understand,” Grenadine answered. 
“If he asked me, he doesn’t have a choice anymore so he lost all his powers on the near future transferring it to me who has the choice to said whatever I want to,” Hitomi said. 
“I see,” Grenadine said sighing, she was not entirely convinced but Hitomi had a point. 
“But he will still believe he is in power because he took the first step and that will keep him confident. It’s basic psychology,” Hitomi added hoping Grenadine was going to think it over for the entire week. 
“So if he doesn’t come to talk to you, you will keep on waiting forever wondering if he likes you too and hoping desperately for a sign,” Grenadine said happy not to believe in basic psychology. 
“But I don’t want him to come talk to me and I’m not hoping for anything,” Hitomi said, her hopes for a quiet walk fading again. 
“But if neither of you move, nothing is going to happen, you’re crazy,” Grenadine added as if it was the basic and only rule which should be taken into consideration. 
“I told you that…” Hitomi started but Grenadine hide behind her glancing at the three people who just entered the street few meters in front of them. 
“Hide me,” she whispered. 
“Why are you hiding from Gideon?” Hitomi asked trying to continue walking. 
“Not from Gideon, but he is with them again,” Grenadine said, glancing at them as they turned into the next street. 
“They are really nice,” Hitomi said wondering what was wrong with her sister. 
“I know it’s just that, each time I’m near her I feel stupid, even if she says or does nothing I just feel that she is too smart for me to be able to say anything interesting when she is around. And he is, he is…” Grenadine tried to hide a blush and started to walk again a bit faster than usual. 
“You’re having a crush on Sedana,” Hitomi said opening big eyes. It was something she could probably use. “Of course not,” Grenadine said unable to hide a smile. 
“I know what I have seen,” Hitomi said. 
“You haven’t seen anything,” Grenadine said. 
“As much as you have seen about me and Timmy,” Hitomi said holding her revenge for the past few weeks’ conversations. 
“Alright, maybe a little just I feel weird when he is here so I can’t stay in the same room and I want to see him when he is away,” Grenadine said. “But it has nothing to do with a crush or with what’s happening between you and Timmy.” 
“Nothing is happening between me and Timmy. You’re the crazy one,” Hitomi said pushing her forward to the house. “Let’s hurry, maybe you can spy,” she said laughing. 
“Very funny,” Grenadine answered making sure they were out of sight before turning at the crossing.

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  1. Such wonderful conversation between them. Very much as sisters do. Well done.

  2. Kid logic always leaves me smiling :)

  3. Wonderful dialogue and a great hook :)