Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hump Day Hook 4: Attic Mirror

It's Wednesday Hump Day Hook again, I have been absent from the hook for two weeks but now I'm back. Find the other writers here.
If you miss my other hooks, there are here but don't worry, I'm posting them randomly so they seem unrelated.

Here is a little part of Attic Mirror. Today we are getting an Yloc's egg. Enjoy!

The place in front of the harbour was crowded. People coming to get their Yloc’s eggs and people coming just to see who was buy one. The arrival of Ylocs’ eggs was always a real event in Teneria.
They left their bike in a safe place and Demian followed his mum through the crowd. She was incredible, he thought, greeting everybody, inquiring about their health’s and life’s and telling them that they were coming to buy an Yloc’s egg and still moving so fast that in just few minutes they were just in front of the boat.
The Ambroise, son and dad were here already. Maxence threw a disgusted look at Demian before saying to his dad, “I want ten of them, those big ones over there.”
The merchant just laughed, before answering “of course, of course”, and to make a sign to some of his men to pack the eggs.
Demian sighed and his mum put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. At least he would be the one taking care of his Yloc, not someone else. He smiled at her. They both knew that the size of the egg didn’t really mean anything.
“So which one do you like best?”she said.
Demian took his time to look at the eggs exposed in front of him really carefully. He started by eliminating the one that seemed to have been hurt during the journey, and the one with only few spots.
“Look dad, they don’t have a clue about what a good egg is”, Maxence said laughing while leaving with some men caring his eggs for him.
But Demian was too focused to react at all. He finally noticed a little egg in the corner, with his shell full of stains of different colour.
“I want this one”, he finally said pointing at the egg.

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