Thursday, August 22, 2013

6 week Challenge and Read More Or Die

My crazy Japanese practice hours, read pages counting madness is back... and I was late for it...

The beginning of August  (August 1st) was a start of a new 6 weeks challenge period and Read More Or Die started on the 15th for 15 days only.
I registered only yesterday, better late than never and so from yesterday started the crazy counting again.

The plan is to read at least 100 pages of Japanese by the end of the month and with all the blog hop going on lately, I didn't define an hour count that I want to reach for the 6 (now 3) week challenge. I guess the main plan is just to improve my Japanese a little bit more over the next 3 weeks.

The Read More Or Die counter starts at 71 so I need to reach 171 at least by the 31st midnight.

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