Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mich’s summer mystery: the rhinoceros

Hello wonderful people and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post.

Still no winner!!  Last time finished with a question. Would the rhinoceros bring me to the tree even if I didn’t know where it is?... 
And today we are going to meet those famous rhinoceroses.

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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Mich was having some kind of problem with the mirror and she appears to be sucked inside it then she met the colorful inhabitant of this new side of the mirror and there were just mouths. She continued to explored the mirror world and met with some flower girls who didn't seem too happy that she had lost something, they pointed her to a group of rhinoceros.

Mich’s summer mystery: the rhinoceros

 They were slowly following the bright light in front of them. Their horns were linked together by some sort of green rope, onions fell down in front of their mouths. The rhinoceros tried to bite them but kept on missing. I never knew rhinoceros liked onions but they couldn’t put their tongues on them so they might not like them in the end, onions were definitely gross, smelly, I never missed crying cutting them. Of course my mum thought they were delicious, she would even put some in the French dressing.

“Who will ride my rhinoceros? Who need to ride my rhinoceros?” One of the boys legs seemed to be too short. He helped himself with the step on the side of the street to progress close to the line of the rhinoceros while keeping his body unbent.

“I need to ride.” I felt shy, I never rode rhinoceros before, I wouldn’t lent one to myself if I knew me. The boys turned to look in my direction. Just like the others, colors covered him from top to bottom. I felt dizzy. My eyes weren’t use to so much colors twinkling on people.

“Where is it for?” the boy moved the long, thin, wood rod he held in his right fist, to point one rhinoceros then the other. I didn’t notice the sign on the rhinoceros’ chest.

The letters seemed complex, very little. I couldn’t distinguish the words so I took some steps closer but the boy stopped me with his rod.
“I don’t need you to be hit by my rhinoceros’ horn, it’s trouble, too much trouble,” he pulled me to the side of the street. I obediently followed him.

“Where is it for?” he continued slowly, putting his shorter leg on the step.

“I need to find the tree, the obscure professor, something I lost…” I counted on my finger trying not to forget but the boy interrupted me.
“Tree, tree, I see, I see,” he moved the rope to the right, to the left, spun, spun, spun three time, hit his rod on the ground.

I looked bemused but the rhinoceros moved some on the right, some on the left following his movement. In the end, there were only two left in the middle. I wonder how the rope tying their horn together didn’t mix or knotted.

“The one on the right is slow, gentle but she runs when needed. The one on the left is quick, bites but stop when needed.” The boy pointed the rod to their horn, the one on the right didn’t move but the one on the left tried to bite it. I needed to stop when I met the tree but meeting the rhinoceros’ teeth didn’t tempt me.

“I’ll ride this one,” I pointed my finger to the rhinoceros on the right.

“I see, I see,” the boy closed his left fist on the rope, pulled it up; it left the horn so smoothly I wondered why the rhinoceros didn’t remove it themselves. The boy held the rhinoceros’ horn. The rhinoceros stopped in front of me. I felt excited even if the rhinoceros didn’t look quite like the one in my world. The boy helped me climb on.

“How do I give you money?”

“The tree knows,” the boy hit the rhinoceros’ butt. I tried to cling to its roughened skin, I didn’t feel too good up here but the rhinoceros knew where I needed to go. I couldn’t doubt it.


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this new part of the story. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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