Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Hook 3: Special Summer Event

Welcome to a Hump Day Hook Special Summer. This week I will give you a hook from my latest released,  Demon and Fairy.

Whatever,” he said before giving her a savage kiss and pressing her against him.
He held her hands in her back to make sure she was not going to get his wings again.
“Azazel wait...” she started.
“Now, it’s my turn to make you feel good,” Azazel said starting to fly up carrying her with him.
He was kissing her all over her face and neck making her giggles.
“Stop it you don’t even look where we are going,” she said.
“It’s the way you wanted it, let me have control now,” he said freeing her hands and flying higher faster.
She clung at him looking at the dark grey clouds above them.
“Don’t tell me you want to go in there,” she said starting to move her wings to get down, but he was stronger than her.
“Oh yes!He answered still flying all speed toward the clouds. They could hear the thunder inside them as they approached.
“It’s crazy we will get struck by lightning, get down! She said as they entered the cloud. It wasn’t really thick, just little particles of ices flying together around them. Azazel suddenly stopped and held her tighter.
“You’re cold at least,” he said.
“Is that all you are thinking about,” she said angrily.
But he kissed her forbidding her to talk. The thunder started to resonate all around them making their jaws tremble. Azazel looked at her.
“Pretty cool, eh!” he said.

Are you looking forward to the summer? Here is a little summer story for you. 
The sun was already high in the sky, shining on the blue sea water and a turtle green and blue was laying on the beach, between the sharp rocks covered with seashell. It had been laying there for a long time, warming itself. It had dug a large hole in the ground and it was time to lay its eggs inside. The sea was far away but the turtle was not worried, it knew that when the time come, her children will battle against the crabs and the birds to make it to the sea. It wasn't the strongest who won, it wasn't the fastest but it was the wisest. And they would meet again in the deep sea and she would tell they the history of the world, the one her mother and grand-mother had passed since the end of time, and they will carry the history of the world and it's changes to the future generation. The white eggs felt out of her body with traces of blood. She knew how to do it well, in two hundreds years, she had done it many time and the one before her had done it too. The turned around to look at them, her movement slow and caring. They were all so beautiful, she covered them with sand to protect them from the sun and from the predators. 

Some day I will go to turtle watch and nest excavation.

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This week authors at Hump Hook Day are having a give away. You can find them by going to the Hump Hook Day page here. You can find my current event Mich's Summer Mystery with prices on facebook. The Mystery starts here, I hope you'll enjoy the story.

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  1. Whenever watching nature shows about the sea turtle, I always cringe when the hatchlings are taken by predators. I'm the one cheering for them to hurry into the water. LOL