Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mich’s summer mystery: the shower

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post,
I'm glad and surprised that nobody solved the mystery yet. This way I can let the story get crazier and crazier... 
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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Now it's time for shower.

Mich’s summer mystery: the shower

There is no point discussing concrete needs with my mum. She doesn’t even believe something is missing. 

“Tidy your room, use your shelves for once.” She closed the discussion. 

When she begins on my life, I’m out, it’s this simple. 
I finished my chicken, my French fries, took my slice of pie with huge mugs of kiwi juice. I like the thickness of the mugs when I drink juice, my mum finds it ridiculous so she just looks somewhere else. I stood up, I felt dizzy. I tried filling my lungs slowly. 

“You’re sick?” 

“No, I’ll be ok”, I lied. 

I needed sleep for sure but not before finding my missing thing. I took it like the mission given to me by the brotherhood of weird things in life. The brotherhood members could get into your mind, modifying things there. They were weird like me but rode rhinoceros so I envied them somehow. 

I left the kitchen, I needed showering first. I knew it would help me feel better. I forgot to mention, my house is green, it looks like the jungle even the furniture, everything is green. My mum likes green just like I like purple, but green in the shower is killing me. Looking my skin color in the green light, I feel like I come from Jupiter, it’s highly disgusting, so I try not to think too much of it. 
Feeling dizzy, my belly telling me it didn’t enjoy the food, I could puke if I thought too much of the color. You might begin to think I’m on the wrong side of life, but I’m very positive. 

The shower gel feel nice, smell nice, it’s not green, I hoped green could be missing but it’s not it. Something else you owe to know, if you ever need to shower in this house. The buttons were wrong when the workers put them on, nobody bothered to correct it, we got used to it somehow. So blue is hot, red is cold, guest often burn themselves the first time. There is nothing in the shower, my missing thing seems nowhere to be seen.

 I often get nice thought for my project in the shower. But this shower didn’t give me clues. It’s complex this time. I expected the solution to pour on me hot or cold. 

“Getting closer yet?” 
“Cold.” Go in different direction. 
“Going to find it soon?” 
“Hot” Stick here, it should be in sight. 
 But this is for kids right? I’m no kid. 

I finished to shower even more confused. Where would I find it? Not in my room for sure, not in the kitchen, not on my clothes, not in the shower. It’s not my beloved rhinoceros either or I would know it by now. I need to find it soon, or I will get depressed. I seems so tiny but still so huge, like it fills my entire life, I couldn’t do without it before, I still couldn’t now. I put my purple trousers on, took new shirt, jumper, socks. The room smells like the shower gel, something flowery. I thought so much I forgot to dry myself. I forget lots of things, most of the time. I turned to the right to look in the mirror. 

Could it be?... 


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