Wednesday, June 5, 2013

France : Carnac

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We went to Carnac in the South of Brittany to see the sea. There is a secret spot where you can get oysters. Carnac is also famous for it's large collection of Megaliths: alignments, dolmens, tumuli and menhirs. There are more that 3000 prehistoric standing stones which seems to have been erected during the Neolithic periode around 3000BC but some of then were probably already there around 4500BC. One version of the myth that says that they were pagan soldier turned into stones by a pope. Another version of the myth says that they are Roman soldiers changed into stone by Merlin which would explain the alignment. Some theory say that they might be astronomical alignments or a primitive instrument to measure seismic activity. All in all they are funny to watch and as nobody know there purpose for sure, you can always make up your own story.
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  1. That is so neat, Linda! I'd never before heard of them. Thank you ;-)