Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6 week Challenge update : catching up

Last week I told you how I was running late on the 6 week Challenge compared to what I had planned. I wanted 5 hours a day but I didn't managed to get them at the very beginning of the month for various reasons.
Now this week due to a more efficient method I'm able to learn as many hours as planned and I even managed to catch up a bit on my schedule.
The trick is a different use of my tools.

Instead of swapping from my ipod to my laptop I just keep all the way with the ipod so I don't have holes and don't forget to put my earphone on anymore as I do it right away when going out of the house.
Another thing about this is that music helps me to concentrate on my work in the lab more efficiently as it covers the general noise of people going in and out of the office. All in all it's a win win.

The second thing is that I turn on Bleach as soon as I arrive home so I can watch not only while eating diner but also while cooking, cleaning and going about my usual task. This almost double my time of Japanese listening. I enjoy the story and I'm learning at the same time.

There are however two downside on my schedule that I still need to fix. As I'm not taking the bus anymore, I find myself reading a lot less than I used to. I still didn't figure out how to go about it.
The second downside is that I can't manage to find inspiration matching my Japanese skill well enough to be able to write daily on 日本語だけでいってみよ ~.

I'm currently happy with my progress and ready to keep up with my efforts.

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